Why the ranking of my NFT is different in comparison to other tools ?

It depends the way to calculate the ranking. Above all, we use the most accurate ranking in our point of view.

Can you really list NFT on any blockchains ?

Yes, it’s the point. All we need is access to your data to create the listing. Contact us for more information…

You say that your tool is multi-trait, but I don't see all of them? Is this normal?

Yes, our tool has just been launched and we will make it evolve over the days, weeks and months to come.

Is Web4Crypto just a rarity tool?

No, Web4crypto design web-oriented tools, and our multi-chain rarity score tool is the first one (October 2021). Other tools will follow in the next days / weeks.

How do you calculate your rarity score?

Our formula is based on rarity.tools, which is the best calculation method to date. The formula is the following: [Rarity Score for a Trait Value] = 1 / (Trait Rarity of that Trait Value]). For more information see here (https://raritytools.medium.com/ranking-rarity-understanding-rarity-calculation-methods-86ceaeb9b98c=)

Can your make a special rarity score for my NFT collection ?

Yes, we can use any calculation method or add weights to each trait if that’s a request of community or NFT creator. Our rarity system is very flexible and can match exactly any NFT project. Just contact us if you want to know more.

How to be listed on Web4Crypto website?

Fill out the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We do not guarantee the listing with us.